Transformers The Last Knight DVD Cover [Cover-Addict]

Transformers: The Last Knight
  • Cover Title: Transformers: The Last Knight
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Three Years after Optimus Prime Left Earth, The Autobots are still a World Threat and are at war with the Decepticons. Cade Yeager finds a Talisman given from a Dying Transformer, However the US Military and Decepticons find Cade and The Autobots and are now on the run again. Cade meets a Transformer known as Cogman and tells him and Bumblebee to head to London with him. They meet with an English Lord known as Edmund Burton and head to a Cybertronian Knights Ship Underwater, They Encounter Optimus Prime but He's now Evil and his Master is Quintessa. Quintessas Intention is to Collide both Cybertron and Earth so Cybertron can begin again. And It's up to Cade, An English Professor known as Vivian, Edmund Burton, Cogman, Bumblebee and the Rest of the Autobots to save the World.
Transformers The Last Knight DVD Cover [Cover-Addict] Transformers The Last Knight DVD Cover [Cover-Addict] Reviewed by Cover Addict on April 20, 2017 Rating: 5