We were banned!

We were banned!

Hello, dear users. Unfortunately we have had our accounts banned from major cover sites such as Hirescovers.net, Euphoricfx.org and Covercity.net. I do not know how they discovered our logins but it is safe to say that from today we will not see new covers of these sites here, but only the releases. We have practically all the covers that they had in their collection and we will publish gratuitously as time passes. I do not understand the reason for charging for access, the work of artists should be made public so that everyone enjoys without moderation. These sites do not earn anything from this.

I want to thank Mr. Casuxa for being a free advertisement of our site, even if you have an extra job to remove our logo. Below you can see our covers in the Euphoricfx gallery.


I will continue to make excellent covers for the public for free. The market for this type of website will weaken to the side of these sites that have banned us and we will grow more and more.

Soon these communities will only have their own designers as consumers, and it will not be long until they realize that their work is being devalued by the lack of prestige of a larger audience.

I received the threat of copyright infringement lawsuit for this guy here:
alun cock

Funny, because he and his friends are doing just that. There is no copyright in this type of business my friend. You are desperate.

If you're a designer and you feel like you're not earning anything from these sites, the Cover-Addict doors are open.

We will continue.
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