7 Splinters in Time DVD Cover

7 Splinters in Time
  • Cover Title: 7 Splinters in Time
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Darius is an introverted detective who spends most of his free time looking over a sullen, old lady living next door. When a new murder case turns up, he visits the scene of the crime but discovers something quite peculiar this time around – the dead body is identical to his own. As his day-to-day life begins to blur into a series of erratic and haunting memories, an outlandish childhood friend reaches out and connects. The duo embarks upon a quest to unveil the truth about a traumatic incident that sits at the core of Darius’ recent disturbances. 7 Splinters in Time succeeds in providing an unparalleled take on the ‘sci-fi-thriller’ as it packs in plenty of suspenseful twists, an intriguing romantic narrative, and consistently ravishing visuals while channeling through intricate themes of youth, love, and identity.
7 Splinters in Time DVD Cover 7 Splinters in Time DVD Cover Reviewed by Unknown on July 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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