Syndicate Smasher DVD Cover

Syndicate Smasher
  • Cover Title: Syndicate Smasher
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Milan, an ex - Green Beret Vietnam vet., takes on a murder contract from West Coast based Russian mob boss, Vladimir Kryukov, to kill an informant for the L.A.P.D. He is assisted by a team of military trained mercenaries including Dara, hardened by the Killing Fields of his native Cambodia, Jack Samson, an ex-soldier from the Marine Corps elite Force Reconnaissance company, and Dasha Fedorivich, a female killer trained in Russia by the Spetsnaz , Russians special forces. After they are cheated out of money, Milan’s crew rob Kryukov, and his Yakuza business associates during a narcotics deal mediated by Italian Mafia boss Russell “Rusty” Dippolito who runs the West Coast underworld. Dippolito marks Milan’s mercenaries for death turning L.A. into a bloody battleground which unwittingly brings a Chinese crime boss, Oscar Kwong, into the mix. Meanwhile, Dippolito has to battle on two other fronts as he contends with his Mafia rivals from the Midwest as well as s taving off a determined L.A.P.D. detective, Carol Driscoll, who wants to take down the L.A. Mob boss for the murder of a colleague nine years earlier. Driscoll’s efforts are stifled by the bureaucracy and corruption that dominate L.A. city politics. Blood flows into the streets of L.A. As Milan’s merc's, and Detective Driscoll take on the Mafia, Yakuza, Russian Mob, and Chinese Tongs in a shoot em up to end all shoot em ups.
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