Goliath Season 2 DVD Cover

Goliath Season 2 DVD Cover
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Billy Bob Thornton will reprise his role as Billy McBride who, after winning a huge verdict in the Borns Tech case, is reluctantly pulled back into the law when his friend's 16-year-old son is arrested for a double homicide. However, as Billy, Patty (Nina Arianda, Florence Foster Jenkins) and the team start to investigate what appears to be an open and shut murder case, they begin to untangle a deadly conspiracy in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, where drugs, real estate and politics intermingle. Once again, Billy finds himself facing a new Goliath, one that is as formidable as the city's mayoral race and as tall as the skyline itself. Thornton won the 2017 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series for Goliath's first season.
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