How to print DVD and Bluray covers

With UnderCoverXP you will be able to print covers for CDs, DVDs and almost any type of media known, in a very intuitive and functional application. In it, no knowledge in image editing is necessary to use all of its functions.

If you have CDs and would like to print images created by you or found on the Internet in their boxes, but does not have much familiarity with printing applications, do not worry. The UnderCoverXP is one of the best options to solve the problem, with a lot of simplicity and few clicks.

How to use

Fortunately, I don't have much to talk about the use of the program, such the ease of the process. In UnderCoverXP, all you have to do to print your covers is to first choose the size of the booklet, alternating in options like "DVD Box", "Bluray" or any other model of your preference.

Then just select the desired image for each piece of the booklet by clicking on the empty space under the options. Then find the right picture on your computer and check the preview immediately. The application supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats for the images.

How to print DVD covers

Additional options

In the center of the screen, there are two very interesting options for you to check out before you start printing. The "Print on a Single Page" function, places the two images on the same sheet, saving paper.

It is important to check if one of the parts of the booklet is not on the other, then it is necessary to print them on separate sheets. The function "Draw Cut/Fold lines" marks or not the places where you need to fold the sheet in print, which is at your discretion.

Finally, after all the settings conform to what you want, just choose to print one side, or even both images. Then, check the result in the printer, clipping the edges properly and everything will be ready to be placed in your boxes of CDs, DVDs and various other known media types.

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