The Matrix 4k Bluray Cover

The Matrix 4k
  • Cover Title: The Matrix 4k
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This 2160p, HEVC/H.265-encoded UHD of The Matrix is based on a new 4K scan of the original camera negative created by Warner's Motion Picture Imaging facility. Color correction and HDR grading were performed by MPI's senior colorist, Jan Yarbrough, and overseen by Bill Pope, director of photography on all three Matrix films. Warner Brothers has provided the following statement from Mr. Yarbrough, which is reproduced with the studio's kind permission:

The Wachowskis have entrusted the creation of the HDR mastering with the original Director of Photography Bill Pope, ASC. Working with Bill I have come to realize that he has a full understanding and appreciation for the dynamics of the HDR format. The Matrix is created in two worlds: the "real" world in cool blue tones; and the "data" world in ever present green. Now with HDR, this film can be viewed in its futuristic and data centric realm more accurately than previous formats would allow. HDR with its huge dynamic range of luminance and color gamut allows for a true film gamma replication while adding additional dynamic range for accurate highlights and deep detailed blacks. DP Bill Pope has taken advantage of this to create a version with color timing as it was originally intended, crafting a high resolution digital master that is more accurate than the original theatrical release.
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