Memoirs of an Invisible Man Bluray Cover

Memoirs of an Invisible Man
  • Cover Title: Memoirs of an Invisible Man
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In San Francisco, the stock market executive Nick Halloway does not like commitment and is a man with no family and very few friends. One day, he goes to the bar and meets his friend George Talbot that invites him to join his table with his wife and their friend Alice Monroe. Soon Nick and Alice make out in the ladies' toilet and when Alice leaves the bar, Nick drinks too much. On the next morning, the hungover Nick has to visit his client Magnascopic Laboratories and he decides to take a nap in the bathroom. However there is an accident in the building and Nick does not hear the alarm for evacuation. Soon part of the building and Nick become invisible. When the rogue CIA agent David Jenkins finds that Nick is invisible, he convinces his supervisor Warren Singleton (Stephen Tobolowsky) that would be very important to capture Nick to be studied and he chases Nick everywhere. Meanwhile Nick is seeking Dr. Bernard Wachs expecting to restore his visibility. Will he be well succeeded?
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