Look Away DVD Cover

Look Away
  • Cover Title: Look Away
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Look Away is a new psychological thriller starring India Eisley, Mira Sorvino and Jason Isaacs. Written and directed by Assaf Bernstein, the films tells the story of Maria (Eisley), a shy 18-year-old high schooler who feels utterly alienated by her parents and outcast by her peers. Lonely and insecure, she opens up to her reflection in the mirror, only to discover that the reflection has a mind of her own. As Maria’s isolation worsens at home and at school, her relationship with her alter-ego in the mirror intensifies. She switches place with the twin in the mirror and experiences freedom and confidence for the first time. But this newfound freedom unleashes suppressed feelings, and violence erupts. Will Maria be able to return to her true self Or has she just discovered who she really is?
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