The Night Comes for Us DVD Cover

The Night Comes for Us
  • Cover Title: The Night Comes for Us
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For years, Ito and his crew were like family. A family of drug-runners and criminals, sure, but a family. But when Ito mysteriously disappears, the balances shifts. His crew splinters, Bobby loses a foot in the ensuing violence, and Arian takes a position in Triad upper management running nightclubs in Macau. Thinking him dead, his girlfriend Shinta moves on with her life. So when Ito shows up years later with a young girl in tow and the Triads after him, there’s a lot to catch up on. The old crew reassembles and tells him about Yohan, the psychotic butcher who took over the drug trade when Ito’s crew imploded. Yohan also happens to have a stash of cash that Ito left behind, and he wants it back. Then there’s Arian to deal with, after his Triad boss Chien Wu orders him to hunt and kill the child and his old friends. But Chien Wu isn’t placing all his faith in Arian and sends an unbelievable onslaught of machete-wielding low-level wannabes to make sure the job gets done.
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