In Echo Park DVD Cover

In Echo Park
  • Cover Title: In Echo Park
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A film about self-discovery in the face of economic and social pressures, IN ECHO PARK tells three interlocking stories that take place over the course of 48 hours, each focusing on a different population of the LA neighborhood Echo Park. An analysis of both gentrification and the present economic landscape, the film follows JJ and Nina, two street punks with histories of domestic abuse and addiction; Leanna and Jared, a millennial couple on the verge of financial and personal collapse; and Luis, a Salvadoran-American teenager being recruited by a local street gang. These three stories track people who, over the course of two days, begin to reevaluate their choices and those of generations before them; and to consider the steps necessary to finding their own versions of peace. Braiding each story together in a single interwoven narrative, IN ECHO PARK is an uncompromising portrait of the contemporary American urban experience.
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