Leprechaun Returns DVD Cover

Leprechaun Returns DVD Cover
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Twenty-five years ago, a young woman and her friends stopped an evil Leprechaun by shoving a four-leaf clover in its mouth and watching its melting body fall into a well in North Dakota. What happened to his pot of gold is anyone's guess. Today, the property is run by the AU Sorority House of a premiere Eco-science college. A group of students decide to spend their summer vacation turning the house into a perfect "green" living abode. And it would be challenging enough, without the depraved Leprechaun they unwittingly revive. Now he's back and determined to get his gold by teaching these ladies a lesson in murder. Except, they aren't having it. The women band together to find his gold and add, taking down a misogynistic Leprechaun to their course load.
Leprechaun Returns DVD Cover
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