Godzilla 3 The Planet Eater DVD Movie Cover

Godzilla 3 The Planet Eater DVD Movie Cover
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Following Mechagodzilla City's destruction, Metphies expresses admiration for humanity, and the remaining Bilusaludo want Haruo to be brought to justice.

On Earth, there has been increasing religious fervor under Metphies, who says that a "miracle" saved them from the Nanometal. Haruo is told by a scientist that Yuko is brain dead, and her heart is beating because of the Nanometal. They're also scared of revealing the truth because of Metphies. Metphies thinks Haruo feared Nanometal would replace Godzilla as a danger.

Haruo confronts Metphies, who reveals that he wants to bring Exif's god, for what is necessary to have Bilusaludo's technology and Humans' psychology. Haruo is taken to a remote area by the twins, eventually sleeping with one of them. The other discovers Metphies telepathically communicating with the Exif's Leader, and then is shown a mental image of "Ghidorah".

Metphies organizes another meeting, during which he calls Ghidorah, who manifests as a shadow that slays his followers. Ghidorah's heads then emerge from three voids, and one of them destroys the command ship. Godzilla awakens from its slumber and confronts Ghidorah, just to discover that Ghidorah is intangible and impervious to its atomic breath. Scientists theorize that Ghidorah's true form exists in another plane of reality, and thus only its energy materialized.

Haruo then finds Metphies, who replaced one of his eyes with Ghidorah's amulet, enabling them to communicate. He launches a telepathic assault to Haruo and reveals that the Ghidorah is the Exif's god, an inescapable being of Chaos, to which they offer planets to consume. He wants Haruo to embrace it as well. However, Mothra (still an egg) interrupts his assault, and enables him to discover that Metphies was the one who destroyed his grandfather's ship in the first film. Haruo then breaks free and cracks the amulet in Metphies eye, causing Ghidorah to become trapped in Earth's plane, allowing Godzilla to destroy Ghidorah's heads and fire its atomic breath into the voids, making them explode. Afterwards, Hauro finds Metphies, who declares Ghidorah will always be watching Earth before dying.

Time passes and the survivors had begun living alongside the natives, and one of the twins is pregnant with Haruo's child. Haruo discovers that scientists found how to use Mechagodzilla's Nanometal in Yuko's body as a tool to rebuild civilization, and realizes that Ghidorah will return to destroy it in the future. Taking Yuko with him, he flies the newly reconstructed ship towards Godzilla, who vaporizes him.

In a post-credits scene, sometime in the future, children of the natives and survivors conduct a ritual at a shrine honoring Haruo.
Godzilla 3: The Planet Eater DVD Cover
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