American Fútbol DVD Cover

American Fútbol DVD Cover
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En route to the World Cup in Brazil, four American friends and filmmakers decided to take a four-month journey through Latin America. Over 7,000 miles and 8 countries, their goal is to explore the region’s passion for fútbol and translate if for a surge of soccer fans back in the US. But what they find along the way are stories that transcend the sport itself. From soccer at the US-Mexico border to blind footballers in Bogotá and mafia-run supporter groups in Buenos Aires, the crew unearths stories that range from inspiring to downright dangerous. Capped off with an epic experience at the largest sporting event in the world, American Fútbol immerses you in the infectious world of soccer in Latin America, and shows you just how powerful the beautiful game can be. The American Fútbol itinerary includes: Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil.
American Fútbol DVD Cover
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