We Have Always Lived in the Castle DVD Cover

We Have Always Lived in the Castle DVD Cover
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Merricat and Constance Blackwood live with their Uncle Julian in a stately manor. They are ostracized by the local villagers who feel the Blackwoods are a blight on the community. The three are the only survivors of an arsenic poisoning that killed everyone else in the family five years prior. Now, Constance remains in the house, afraid to face the outside world and the persecution she suffered as a suspect for murder. Merricat is bold, imaginative and wise beyond her years. Merricat dares to venture into town regardless of public opinion, and protects the vast family property with a series of totems, charms and incantations. Despite being hated and feared by the townspeople around them, the two sisters and their uncle live a somewhat idyllic life - that is until Charles, a family cousin, arrives. Charles offers to help the sisters manage the house, but he also inquiries about the family s financial affairs and interferes in Merricat s daily routine. As Constance grows closer in confidence and friendship with Charles, Merricat resists this demon that has violated their perfect world. As Charles and Merricat battle for control, tragedy threatens to strike again, and the fate of the house and the family legacy hangs in the balance. Part murder mystery, and part haunted house, CASTLE is an adaptation of the classic 1962 novel by Shirley Jackson.
We Have Always Lived in the Castle DVD Cover
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