Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Bluray Cover

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Bluray Cover
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When his vehicle and all his possessions are looted by the eccentric pilot Jerediah and his son Jerediah Jr. The Road Warrior known as Max Rockatansky arrives in the desert town "Bartertown" ruled by the evil Aunt Entity, where people living in the post-apocalyptic Australian outback go to trade for food, water, weapons and supplies. After being forced to fight Master Blaster, a tiny man and his masked muscle-man in "Thunderdome" a gladiator like arena, when being caught up in a power struggle for control for Bartertown. Max is banished into the desert wasteland, where he is rescued by a tribe of children, who thinks Max is a pilot named Captain Walker, who is the chosen one who will take the children to the promised land "Tomorrow Morrow Land", and learns the children are survivors of a plane crash and Captain Walker was their leader. Agreeing to help the children in their search for "Tomorrow Morrow Land", Max and the children set off across the desert wastelands and returns to Bartertown, where Max has score to settle with Aunt Entity.
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Bluray Cover
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