Pachamama DVD Cover

Pachamama DVD Cover
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16th century – Peruvian mountains Tepulpaï, a mischievous ten-years-old, dreams of becoming a Shaman. But according to the great Shaman of his village, the boy still lacks concentration and maturity. Besides, the village has other concerns: the Great Inca is furious that a big part of the last harvest was wasted in offerings, and decides to confiscate the villagers’ sacred statue the Huaca. The Huaca, however, is essential to the Village’s balance, especially now that the signs and omens predict the arrival of invaders from the sea. For Tepulpaï, it is the opportunity to show what he is capable of. He secretly leaves the village, determined to retrieve the statue and save his people.Luckily for him, Tepulpaï won’t go on this quest alone: his friend Naïra has decided to join him, whether he likes it or not…!
Pachamama DVD Cover
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