South Park Season 22 DVD Cover

South Park Season 22 DVD Cover
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"South Park" follows four boys in the tiny mountain town of South Park, Colorado. Kyle Broflovski is a young Jewish boy with a strong moral center, who often encounters struggles with the other boys because of his religion and his strict, orthodox family. Stan Marsh, a pessimistic but kind hearted child living with his rather idiotic family is Kyle's best friend. They are joined by their #1 frenemy, Eric Cartman, a fat, hateful "and hated", and foul-mouthed bully and his mistreated, impoverished sidekick Kenneth McCormick "often called simply Kenny". Together, the boys seem to bring out the very best and worst in eachother as they embark on hilarious adventures throughout their school, neighborhood, and world.
South Park Season 22 DVD Cover
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