I Love My Mum DVD Cover

I Love My Mum DVD Cover
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From Spanish Writer/Director Alberto Sciamma comes hilarious European comedy I Love My Mum shot over four countries and boasting an international ensemble cast. Olga and her son Ron, both living in the portside town of Tilbury, England, manage to accidently exile themselves to Morocco crashing into a shipping container, over an argument about cheese. As if being stranded in Morocco without documents or money wasn't enough, they have to find a way to immigrate back home. With a relationship that is strained at the best of times, mother and son have to survive with each other as well as a journey across the Mediterranean and European continent. As their absurd adventure unfolds, the two come face-to-face with their own insecurities. While the manipulative but uninhibited mother hides her vulnerabilities behind her crass and carefree manners, her juvenile son struggles between wanting his own independence and needing his mother's support. Will the two make it back and will their relationship survive?
I Love My Mum DVD Cover
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